Optics II

Prof. Jonghan Jin

Text book

Optics (4th edition,  Eugene Hecht)

This course covers:

Ch.6 More on geometrical optics

Ch.7 The superposition of waves

Ch.8 Polarizatoin

Ch.9 Interference

Ch.10 Diffraction


Class activity (40%)

Homework and presentation (20%)

Mid-term exam (20%)

Final exam (20%)


  • Pre-report for Polarization  

  • Pre-report for Interference

  • Pre-report for diffraction

  • Handout for interference

  • Handout for diffraction


  • Homeworks for Ch. 6  

  • Homeworks for Ch. 7  

  • Homeworks for Ch. 8  

  • Homeworks for Ch. 9  

  • Homeworks for Ch. 10 

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